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Yield Management

Athena's Yield Management helps you instantly grasp the room rate fluctuations of competitors and quickly adjust your own room rates accordingly,. it helps to create higher revenue.

Challenges you may encounter in optimizing room revenue:

1. Inaccuracy

Due to insufficient reference factors

2. Time-consuming

High time and cost involved in manual pricing adjustments

3. Labor-intensive

Time-consuming to monitor real-time competitor actions

4. Low visibility

Lack of visibility into competitors' sales performance across channels

5. Error-prone

Manual effort in collecting and organizing rate room data causes error easily.

6. Hard to manage

It's difficult to control the room rate disparity between OTA channels and hotel website.

7. Time lag exists

Difficult to obtain real-time sales information from various channels.
My hotel is located in a competitive area with many nearby competitors. What should I do?
One strategy is to implement rule-based pricing by setting a fixed price difference for specific room types or promotions compared to the competitors (e.g., always $200 NTD cheaper). This allows consumers to always find high value for money at your hotel.

If the occupancy rate of key room types is not meeting the target, how should room rates be adjusted?


If the occupancy rate of key room types has met the target, do I still adjust room rate?


How can I be informed in real-time when key room types of competitors are sold out?


What should I adjust rate when my inventory is available while competitors' are sold out?

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It's time to get rid of manual operations.
Use Athena for effective room rate adjustment.

Features System Manual
Update frequency
No limit
1-2 times per day
Update time
3-5 minutes every time
At least 1 hour
Competitors tracked
No limit
Can only track a few
Error rate

Mastering 3 major tools at once

Lead-Time Report, Social Listening

Inferring the sales status of competitors on specific check-in dates (e.g., national holidays, peak seasons).

Collecting and analyzing consumer ratings and reviews on the three major distribution channels for your property and competitors.

Dynamic Notification

Once competitors' room rates trigger the default rules, system sends email notifications automatically.

No more manual checking of competitor room rate fluctuations on a regular basis.

Investigation into Price Parity

It helps to reduce your hotel's expenses on OTA commissions.

The system detects and reports the price difference between the hotel website direct sales and OTA channel.

3 Reasons to implement Athena's Yield Management

Stay updated

Comprehensive collection of customer reviews to stay informed and enhance competitive edge.

Time is Money

To significantly reduce manual work and let the system automatically notify you for efficient operations.


Better control over rates on various channels and the hotel website, beneficial for customer revisit.

You+Athena=Capturing the trend of hospitality