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Booking Engine

Developing loyal guests, mastering business authorities

Product Advantages

Marketing Tools

Package selling, hotel joint deals, markup purchase, voucher booking, early bird discount coupons and promotional codes (campaigns for corporate customers and special groups)

Taiwan High Speed Rail Joint Pass

Flexible features to meet business travelers’ need, with multiple types of ticket, ex. disabled / concession , etc.) Booking process is in line with the high speed rail--booking first and payment later.

Globalized Interface

Alternative frameworks to meet the demand of different types of hotels, RWD fully support of mobile devices, and multi-languages available: Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese (coming soon)

Back-end Reservation Management

Integrated with Athena PMS, auto replenishing the room inventory, along with comprehensive reservation management and various reports, supporting online payment for offline bookings.

Exclusive features making online booking easier

Promotional Codes


  • Discount Voucher
  • Accommodation Coupon


  • Service Item Markup


  • Link with Tracking Code


  • Member classification setting
  • Member profile management


  • Adult/Child markup flexibility


  • Discount rate & percentage flexibility


  • Credit card


  • Virtual account number


  • AliPay


  • WeChat Pay


  • Convenience stores


  • ISO 27001




  • Global Trust


Product Features

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Special Offer Sales

Buy-1-get-1-free, Three-days packages, etc.

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Strategic Package Sales

Cross-industry alliance (early bird package, credit card benefits, etc.)

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Joint Hotel Deals

Boosting reservations by joint marketing

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Service Item Markup

Increasing revenue by providing value-added services

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Hotel Voucher

Efficient way to get ready for the confirmed guests

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Taiwan High Speed Rail Joint Pass

Intergrating high-speed rail resources

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Discount Voucher

Attracting new guests and booking by Issuing vouchers in travel fairs and campaigns

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Promotional Codes

Tracking channel CVR to reinforce effective marketing strategy

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LINE@ Booking

Combining real and artificial intelligence, O2O strategy to achieve marketing accuracy

Comprehensive management features

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Membership differentiation

Discounts can be given to different members based on contribution, loyalty, VIP level, etc.

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Reservation revision

No need to cancel and re-book, preventing from losing guests.

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Alternative payment solutions

Credit card/Virtual account/convenience store payment

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Effective inventory control

Increasing occupancy rate, reducing room vacancy

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Variable deposit regulation

Provide a variety of deposit ratio settings according to the new version of Tourism Bureau's standardized contract.

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Price parity

Adjust pricing based on occupancy rate in weekdays and holidays, winning maximum revenue at lower cost

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Rate synchronization

Rate sync. enables hoteliers to manage the rates among OTAs, official website and PMS standard rates.

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Booking calendar

Easy and simple way to book rooms on booking engine calendar. Applicable for small hostels.

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Comprehensive reports

Various performance reports, ex. GA tracking report, membership report, reconciliation report, etc.


Theme-inspired template design

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Business-style template design

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All-in-one overview, seamless navigation

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Client Reviews

Art Spa

"With Athena's Booking Engine, the previous 5-minutes operational process can be shortened to less than 3 seconds!"

Caesar Park Hotel, Banqiao

"Athena's service team is very patient and professional. They help us to do the staff training and problem-solving after system launch."

Caesar Metro

"Athena's interface provides a superior user experience with simple steps, enabling guests to quickly complete hotel reservations. Both the hotel staff and guests can easily navigate and operate the system, ex. high-speed rail package booking."

You+Athena=Capturing the trend of hospitality