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Web Table (Online Table Reservation)

Product Advantages

Reduce temporary cancellation

Effectively reducing the rate of last-minute cancellations for restaurants and enabling effective cost management.

Reduce labor costs for ordering

Reservations through the restaurant reservation system saves manual input time and improves work efficiency.

Improve customer stickness

By allowing guests to make table reservations through the hotel's website, it increases brand exposure and enhance customer loyalty.

List/Transaction Management

Automatically collects transaction details for you to understand customer needs for retargeting.

Integrate with Athena POS or third party POS

Auto-integrate with Athena POS, reducing the time of manual input and improving work efficiency.

Web Table (Online Table Reservation)

The system provides reservations and real-time management, giving you the effective overview of consumer dining situation and the table turnover rate.

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Time slot booking


Seat Management – Athena POS system helps you manage tables easily and provide online seat selection


Automatic table management


Text message reminder


Reserve on-site and select preferable seat

Client Reviews

Golden Tulip Fab Hotel New Taipei Restaurant
Introducing international hotel management services, we bring professional quality and sophistication, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful seasonal changes and breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset in Tamsui.
Chao Kang Cheng Taichung Restaurant
As a well-known culinary giant in central Taiwan, we offer a comprehensive range of dining services, and sincerely welcoming every customer.

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