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Smart Counter (Self-Reception Kiosk)

Create excellent accommodation experience with Smart Counter

Product Advantages


Check-in/out within two minutes, reduce time cost for travelers

International Reception

Multi-language interface, cutting high cost of personnel training

Intuitive Operation

User-friendly interface that is easy to use at first glance

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Smart Counter (Self-Reception Kiosk) provides travelers with a more intimate and private service. The application of self-reception (self-service) is increasing and been introduced in many domestic and international hotels, which not only saves tedious tasks for the counters but also focuses on services: allowing guests to accelerate the check-in/out process and improving reception experience.

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The UI supports multiple languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean for
international travelers.

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Easy to operate one-stop
self-service, ex. selection of rooms, credit card payment, check-in and ID scanning, etc.

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Saving hotel front desk manpower,
enhancing customer satisfaction

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Client Reviews

Midtown Richardson, Ximen, Taipei
Located in the bustling heart of Ximen with its unique and modern design. With 535 rooms, the hotel adapts eight Athena Kiosks, with only two reception staff. The quick and efficient check-in and check-out process has garnered rave reviews from guests all over the world.
Golden Tulip (Rongmei, Rongxing, Fab Hotel)
One of the top ten global hotel groups from the Netherlands, has established its presence in various cities such as New Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan. By utilizing Athena Kiosks, the hotels enhance guest experience with a touch of international brand excellence.

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