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Hospitality Business Intelligence Report Tool

Providing actionable intelligence and strategic guidance

Pain points of using traditional data analysis methods

Time-consuming in collecting data
Easy to make mistakes in calculation
Insufficient confidentiality in access control
Difficulties in cross-function information integration
The purpose and value of implementing BI report tool in hotels and restaurants:

Helping business do the right thing.


Significant increase in data analysis timeliness, leading to faster decision-making


Having real-time access to key metrics and critical issues anytime and anywhere


Enhancing business system functionality to reduce costs and improve efficiency

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Three key characteristics of BI data visualization

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Automatic data update
High interactivity
Precise visualization

BI dashboards can accomplish the following:

Increasing efficiency
BI is an analytical approach that combines data from various complex sources across different dimensions and metrics.
Dedicated command center
Hotel managers/owners are able to monitor and analyze real-time data, making critical decisions, in response to a specific situation or objective.
Analyzing different targets
Performing various analysis: brand analysis, branch analysis, revenue growth, target customer profiles, customer spending, advertising effectiveness, etc.
Access control
Setting permissions for editing, exporting, and other actions based on different levels of authority or hierarchical roles.

Exploring the correlations between different indicators:

1. Do the occupancy rate and ADR have a positive correlation?
2. Do the occupancy rate and NoShow rate have an inverse correlation? 
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