Point of Sales System (POS)

Accurate collection of sales information for improving operation performance effectively!

Athena Point Of Sales System (POS) has guests history database, recording tastes, preferences, favorite dishes etc., linking both marketing strategies and consumption statistics. In terms of statistical analysis, it includes not only data such as region, consumption category, model, sales ranking, etc. But also distribution analysis to enhance hotel productivity and management quality.


Reservation Management

  • Customer Information Integration of each system to provide business tracking and promotion
  • Retain customers’ purchasing details and future reserving information
  • Today To-do Reminder
  • Equipment inventory management
  • User-friendly Operation Interface
  • Restaurant System Connection
  • Bring in the reservation dishes information
  • Consumer data returns
  • Deposit Processing

Desk Status Management

  • Table number/name/code setting
  • Appointment information displayed with table number and could connect table numbers with reservation
  • Settings for table seat guiding, opening, combining, adding, changing, splitting, etc.
  • Table status presented in different colors, showing table opening time in a timeline
  • Area settings including floor area, VIP booth, etc.

Order Management

  • Custom lists up to three levels, different color blocks according to dish category
  • Setting for single product discount, treat from staffs, gifts, additional order, cancellation, various tastes and cooking methods choices
  • Set menu dishes options setting, dish change pricing
  • Flexible price range setting to adjust pricing automatically
  • Limited Dishes List Setting & Remaining Quantity Reminder Display

Checkout Management

  • Support Multiple Payment Methods (cash, credit cards, vouchers etc.) & Frequently Used Payments Hot Key Setting
  • Choice of Single-item Discount or Table Discount
  • Providing invoice printing and multiple sheets at once, be used for reissue, invalidation and reissuing of invoices
  • Used for payment methods such as account splitting and consolidated billing, Tax ID Number Insert & Modify
  • Checkout-first Support

Analysis Report

  • Revenue Details for the Day (Accounting)
  • Revenue Comparison by Store
  • Income MTD & YTD, comparing with the same period last year
  • Promotional Revenue Statistics
  • Operation Cost Analysis
  • Dishes Income Statistics Ranking
  • Table Turnover Rate & Per Customer Transaction Analysis
  • Time slot Sales Analysis
  • Waiter Performance Analysis
  • Sales & Cost Rate Analysis
  • Discounts, Treat, Bonus Amount Statistics

Mobile Order

  • Order with iPad
  • Table Seat Guiding, Customized Ordering Notes, Table Change, Bill Splitting, all in one
  • Dual Interface for both Servant and Self-Ordering
  • Integration of Bluetooth cash drawers etc.

Retail POS

  • Applicable to different types of stores, convenience stores, fast food, and coffee shops in same hospitality business line
  • Able be equipped with promotional combination function according to demand
  • Integration of diverse third-party payment methods to meet the need of small amount bills