Web Table & Web Dish

"One-stop restaurant service - Reservation/Meal Order" enhance your competitiveness!

Five features of Web Table & Web Dish

Reduce temporary cancellation

Online order and payment reduces the proportion of temporary cancellations and manage various costs effectively.

Reduce labor costs for ordering

Reservations through the restaurant reservation system saves manual input time and improves work efficiency.

Improve customer stickness

Guests are able to order through hotel official website, effectively expose the hotel brand and increase stickness.

List/Transaction Management

Automatically collects transaction details for you to understand customer needs for retargeting.

POS Integration
(Athena/Other POS)

Could integrate with Athena POS system, reducing the time to input information manually and improve work efficiency.

Athena Web Table - Restaurant Table Management

The system provides reservations and real-time management, giving you the effective overview of consumer dining situation and the table turnover rate.


  • Time slot booking
  • Seat Management – Athena POS system helps you manage tables easily and provide online seat selection
  • Automatic table management
  • Text message reminder
  • Reserve on-site and can select preferable seat

Web Dish helps you facilitate inventory control during the periods such as seasonal marketing and hunger marketing, to simplify online reservations, pre-order and collection for consumers.


  • Prepaid to control cost
  • Able to take delivery on selected date, time, location
  • Inventory management
  • Able to order and pick up by different people
  • 1D barcode for convenient pickup
  • Pay at store/ taxi delivery
  • Counter assistance for VIP Order Setup