Athena PMS
Web Edition A7

Manage the stays with chill.

Athena PMS Web Edition A7 (Cloud PMS) provides the core capability of resource management. Free IT construction costs, reducing maintenance and time cost; real-time and mobile data access, speeding up all operational processes; all kinds of system service data consolidated on a single platform and stored in the cloud, no need the time to switch platforms. Using Athena Cloud PMS for your efficient management.


Intuitive Interface

  • Intuitive Interface
  • High-performance Operating System
  • Fuzzy Search with drop-down List
  • User-friendly

Flexible Expansion

  • Expand functions and hide/customize modules according to hotel scale & requirements


  • According to hotel demand
  • Homestay to Star hotel
  • Seamlessly Upgrade


  • Full System services for Hotel Operation at Once


  • 30-year-experience of hotel information system
  • Well-reputed

Resource Integration

  • Tourism Resources Integration and application
  • Through marketing tools to expand hotel Revenue
Athena Information Systems - Athena PMS A7 features

Reservation Management

  • Individual/Group Booking
  • Auto Room Management/Schedule Arrangement
  • Guest Management/Historical Reservation Management
  • Advance Deposit Process
  • Reservation Register
  • Tablet C/I

Reception Management

  • Room Arrangement/Reservation
  • Individual/Group Check-in
  • Guest Message Processing
  • Group Customer Statement
  • System supports multi-national encoding (Unicode)-able to completely record foreign customer information

Counter Cashier

  • Guest Account Login
  • Miscellaneous Account Login
  • Bill Printing / Transfer Processing
  • Group Automatic Billing
  • Shift Report Form
  • Running Account
  • Account Statement

Member Management

  • Member Basic information Analysis
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis / Customer Analysis / Customer Loyalty Analysis
  • Accounting & Billing / Member Consumption / Point Inquiries
  • Consumed Items / Points / Redeem
  • Redeem History Data / Customer Opinion Management

System Integration Services

  • Paperless R-Card
  • ID automatic scanning then input
  • Self-Reception Counter(KIOSK) (payment/ identification scanning/room card issue)
  • RFID Integration Service

Cloud Service Connection

  • Two-way Connection of inventories and reservations 
  • Online reservation information automatically generates reservation cards in the PMS
  • Automatically check inventory after online sale out, and make up the room according to the set number of rooms